Time synchronization for Hospitals

Eltime, leader in time synchronization for hospitals

Welcome to Eltime, the pioneers in synchronized clock systems, now expanding to Norway! Our proven success in Denmark's top hospitals showcases our commitment to precision and reliability in healthcare timekeeping.

Why Precise Timekeeping in Healthcare Matters

In healthcare, every second counts.
Eltime’s synchronized clock systems ensure critical timing accuracy in treatments, medical records, and hospital operations, enhancing overall patient care and efficiency.

Eltime's Solutions for Healthcare

Introducing our flagship Mobaline & NTP synchronisation system solutions, designed for the dynamic needs of healthcare facilities. Experience seamless integration and flawless time synchronization across your hospital network.

Success Stories from Danish Hospitals

Our systems are trusted by Denmark’s leading hospitals like Rigshospitalet, improving their operational efficiency. Hear from hospital administrators about how Eltime’s solutions have transformed their time management and patient care.
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Technical Excellence and Standards

Eltime’s solutions meet the highest standards, with Mobaline, NTP and Impuls ensuring compatibility and reliability. Our technology is tailored to the unique needs of healthcare environments, offering both sophistication and simplicity.

Tailored Solutions and Expert Installation

We understand every hospital is unique. That’s why we offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs, backed by expert installation and dedicated support, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing efficiency.

Engage with Eltime

Ready to revolutionize your hospital’s timekeeping? Contact us for a consultation or quote, and join the ranks of healthcare facilities experiencing the Eltime difference.